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Lompoc Murals – Outdoor art & fun for all

Lompoc, a city located in Santa Barbara County, California, is known for its vibrant and colorful murals that adorn many of its buildings. These murals depict various themes, including historical events, local landmarks, and cultural traditions.

One of the most popular murals in Lompoc is the “Mission Life” mural, located on the side of the Central Coast Realty Group building on East Ocean Avenue. This mural depicts the daily life of the Chumash Indians and the Spanish missionaries who founded the La Purisima Mission in the area.

Another popular mural is the “Lompoc Valley Mural” on North H Street, which showcases the agricultural heritage of the region, including crops such as strawberries, lettuce, and flowers.

Other notable murals in Lompoc include the “Lompoc Landmarks” mural on South H Street, the “Lompoc Police Department” mural on East Ocean Avenue, and the “Lompoc Flower Festival” mural on North H Street.

The Lompoc Mural Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the city’s murals. The society has sponsored the creation of many of the murals in Lompoc, and also conducts guided tours of the murals for visitors.

Lompoc Mural Map

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Make Lompoc Part of Your Next Road Trip!