Welcome to the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau

Welcome to the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau

There is so much fun to be had in Lompoc. Discover the possibilities!

Explore the joy and excitement waiting for you in Lompoc! Uncover endless possibilities in the hidden gem of Lompoc Valley, nestled along the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway 1. Surrounded by rolling hills, our beautiful valley is situated just 55 miles northwest of Santa Barbara, 155 miles northwest of Los Angeles and 270 miles southeast of San Francisco. Your adventure begins here – experience the charm, beauty, and endless fun that Lompoc has to offer.

Sports & Recreation

Explore the natural beauty of Lompoc through our scenic trails, offering a range of hiking and biking experiences for all fitness levels. Dive into aquatic fun at our state-of-the-art Aquatic Center. Home to Space X& NASA, don’t miss the opportunity to experience front row views rocket launches at Vandenberg Space Force Base, bringing the wonders of space exploration to our vibrant community.

Food & Drink

Indulge your senses in a culinary journey through our diverse and delectable food and drink offerings. Discover the culinary delights our community has to offer, featuring a range of cuisines and dining experiences

Getting to Lompoc

Make Lompoc part of your next road trip. Discover the options of traveling to our city!


The Lompoc Valley offers a broad range of comfortable accommodations to fit any budget.

Move to Lompoc

Discover the charm of Lompoc, where a perfect blend of coastal beauty and small-town warmth awaits. Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle surrounded by picturesque vineyards and a vibrant community spirit..

Member Directory

Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce has a variety of businesses both small and large. Check out our valued member directory for opportunities to share leads, increase visibility, and grow connections.

Featured Business of the Month

Explore our community, as we highlight local small businesses each month.

Top Line Custom Tile & Stone

For all your custom Tile & Stone needs.

Getting to Lompoc can be an adventure in itself. Make Lompoc apart of your next road trip!

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