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A Committee with a Purpose

The purpose of Leadership Lompoc Valley (LLV) is to identify and develop a diverse group of leaders with a special understanding of the Lompoc Valley and a solid foundation of leadership skills. The program is designed to meet this challenge by providing a vehicle to:

  • Educate future leaders about a broad range of community needs and concerns
  • Encourage informed individuals to serve the community in leadership roles of their choice
  • Enhance leadership and management skills
  • Create a spirit of cooperation for the resolution of future community challenges
  • Ensure a continuing emergence of an improved quality of life in the community
  • Develop a working network and support group of established and emerging leaders

Year One Curriculum

The program begins with an evening Kick-Off Banquet and retreat to introduce the class members to one another, the program, and the general concept of leadership. Program participants become acquainted with various aspects of the Lompoc Valley through monthly Topic Days held during normal business hours on Fridays from January through June. A complete schedule of participation dates is provided at orientation. Topic Days include speakers, expert panels, and tours of businesses and public agencies of the Lompoc Valley.

Topic day subjects include:

  • Media & Communications
  • Health & Human Services
  • Community Enrichment
  • Public Safety
  • Education
  • Local Government
  • Military / Aerospace
  • Business & Economics
  • PLUS A mid-year check-in

The program concludes with an evening graduation banquet with family members and special guests. Upon graduating, class members are encouraged to plan one or two Topic Days for the following year’s class, working in small groups, which requires participation on one or two additional Fridays the year after graduation.

Year Two Mentorship (Optional)

Upon graduating, class members are asked to serve as mentors for the next year’s class by attending the afternoon portion of the new class orientation day to help them learn how to plan their topic day for the coming year. Mentors will be assigned to a small group throughout the LLV year. The mentors’ presence will be vital to ensure the incoming class receives proper guidance to successfully plan their LLV curriculum.

Selection of Participants

LLV participants are chosen by the LLV Board of Trustees from applications submitted. The following attributes are desired:

  • A sincere commitment, motivation, and interest in serving the community.
  • Interest in seeking volunteer leadership roles, boards, commissions, or public office in the Lompoc Valley.
  • Participants are expected to attend all scheduled sessions, unless unforeseen illness or work prohibits

Financial Information

LLV’s class participant fee covers all program costs, including meals, orientation retreat and kick off banquet. Tuition may be paid by the participant or by their employer or local sponsor. Selected applicants will be invoiced; the fee is payable prior to the orientation retreat. A limited number of partial scholarships may be available.

Lompoc Valley Chamber Committee - Leadership Lompoc Valley logo

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Joining Leadership Lompoc Valley is a fun way to engage with a variety of local organizations and gain a broad range of community needs and concerns while developing a working network and support group of established and emerging leaders.

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